List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom

Below is the list of the Prime Ministers of United Kingdom.

The UK Prime Minister is the head of government, appointed by the monarch. They lead the government and make key policy decisions. They also represent the UK in international affairs and head meetings with other world leaders. They appoint and dismiss other members of the government.

StartEndPrime Minister
2022-Rishi Sunak
20222022Liz Truss
20192022Boris Johnson
20162019Theresa May
20102016David Cameron
20072010Gordon Brown
19972007Tony Blair
19901997Sir John Major
19791990Margaret Thatcher
19761979James Callaghan
19741976Harold Wilson
19701974Sir Edward Heath
19641970Harold Wilson
19631964Sir Alec Douglas-Home
19571963Harold Macmillan
19551957Sir Anthony Eden
19511955Sir Winston Churchill
19451951Clement Attlee
19401945Sir Winston Churchill
19371940Neville Chamberlain
19351937Stanley Baldwin
19291935James Ramsay MacDonald
19241929Stanley Baldwin
19241924James Ramsay MacDonald
19231924Stanley Baldwin
19221923Andrew Bonar Law
19161922David Lloyd George
19081916Herbert Henry Asquith
19051908Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
19021905Arthur James Balfour
18951902Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
18941895Archibald Primrose
18921894William Ewart Gladstone
18861892Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
18861886William Ewart Gladstone
18851886Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
18801885William Ewart Gladstone
18741880Benjamin Disraeli
18681874William Ewart Gladstone
18681868Benjamin Disraeli
18661868Edward Smith Stanley
18651866Lord John Russell
18591865Henry John Temple
18581859Edward Smith Stanley
18551858Henry John Temple
18521855George Hamilton Gordon
18521852Edward Smith Stanley
18461852Lord John Russell
18411846Sir Robert Peel
18351841William Lamb
18341835Sir Robert Peel
18341834Arthur Wellesley
18341834William Lamb
18301834Charles Grey
18281830Arthur Wellesley
18271828Frederick Robinson
18271827George Canning
18121827Robert Banks Jenkinson
18091812Spencer Perceval
18071809William Bentinck
18061807William Wyndham Grenville
18041806William Pitt le Jeune
18011804Henry Addington
17831801William Pitt le Jeune
17831783William Bentinck
17821783William Petty
17701782Lord Frederick North
17681770Augustus Henry Fitzroy
17661768William Pitt l'Ancien
17651766Charles Watson-Wentworth
17631765George Grenville
17621763John Stuart
17571762Thomas Pelham-Holles
17561757William Cavendish
17541756Thomas Pelham-Holles
17431754Henry Pelham
17421743Spencer Compton
17211742Sir Robert Walpole
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