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- All countries by alphabetical order

- Currencies of the world

- Flags of the world

- English speaking countries

- Quiz on countries and capitals of the world

- Many other information


Football (soccer):

- Club honours

- Championship and cup winners

- World Cup: results of all matches and statistics


- List of general classification winners of the most important cycling races

Click on below links to see details on Tour de France winners:

- Tour de France winners (general classification - yellow jersey)

- Best sprinters (green jersey)

- Best climbers (polka dot jersey)

- Best young riders (white jersey)

- Stage winners


- Grand Slam tournament (Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon): list of all champions and runners-up


- Dividends paid by companies

- Next dividends to be paid

- Last dividends paid

- Article on the interest rate swap


- List of US Presidents

- List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom

- List of Kings and Presidents of France

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